Initial lessons from the county pilots

How to develop and deliver a Land Use Framework in England

5th April 2023

This briefing sets out the lessons to be drawn from FFCC's two county-level pilots to explore how a Land Use Framework could support better land use decisions.

Communities and stakeholders in two English counties – Devon and Cambridgeshire – have helped to trial different ideas or components of a Land Use Framework that were grounded in the material reality of their county-wide strategic challenges.

The pilots – supported by a national leadership group drawn from expert stakeholder groups – were designed to both develop the model and process, and to investigate how it would work in supporting land use decision-making. The pilots are ongoing, with funding to the summer.

Lessons from the work so far have been brought together in this briefing for policy makers. The aim is to ensure what is being learnt from the pilots can be used in the development of a Land Use Framework for England.