Films: What do people really think?

A collection of films where citizens, farmers and experts share their perspectives.

20th May 2024

What do people really think about food?

As part of The Food Conversation in 2023, we asked citizens to tell us what food means to them - how it shows up in their lives and the challenges they face. This film brings their voices to the fore, as we learn what citizens really want from food.

Is food working for everyday people?

Citizens from The Food Conversation ask each other what they really think about food. How does food connect with some of the biggest issues in their lives, from family finances to health and the NHS? And who is responsible for ensuring everyone can get healthy food?

Expert perspectives on food

Baroness Rosie Boycott, author Chris van Tulleken, Soil Association’s Rob Percival, Chatham House’s Tim Benton and health influencer Eddie Abbew tell us why they think getting food right is so important for climate, nature and health, now and for the next generation.

Farming voices

From climate and nature to health and community, farming connects to the things people care about.

For our first #FarmingVoices film, farmers Harriet Bell, Debbie Wilkins, David Hill, Nic Renison, John Cherry, Gavin Lane, Helen Browning and Patrick Holden tell us more about the work they do.

No resilience, no food security?

For our second #FarmingVoices film, the same group of farmers tell us more about the challenges they face and the solutions at hand.

Amongst other things, they talk about the need for more resilience in the face of a changing climate, a just transition supported by consistent government policy, and fairer, more connected supply chains that work for farmers, citizens and the planet.