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New evidence: agroecology in Scotland

New evidence from the James Hutton Institute, funded by SEFARI Gateway and FFCC, points to the important role of agroecology in Scotland's farming practice, and the huge potential for sector-wide change to deliver Scottish policy on climate, nature, health, and rural support.

Find out more about agroecology in Scotland here and read our news story below.

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Agroecology learning opportunities in Scotland

We are helping more farmers across Scotland take up agroecology and regenerative practices in 2022, in partnership with Soil Association Scotland, Nourish Scotland, the Nature Friendly Farming Network, Pasture for Life and the Landworkers Alliance.

David McKay reviews the first series of learning events

A vision for agroecology in Scotland

This Scottish Vision for Agroecology workshop, part of our Routes to Action series across UK nations, explored the challenges and opportunities of a transition to agroecology in Scotland.

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Scotland is working together for change

The first report from FFCC Scotland, A Scotland Field Guide for the Future, gathered stories from people and organisations making real changes on the ground, and showed how government, businesses, groups and citizens are working together to improve the environment and the public’s health and wellbeing.

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Priority areas for FFCC Scotland

FFCC Scotland has engaged with partners and stakeholders to convene collective leadership around important issues in Scotland, following the publication of A Scottish Field Guide for the Future. Through this process, we identified four priority work areas for FFCC Scotland, which we will develop in 2022.

Supporting a transition to


Improving access to

Healthy Food

Amplifying best practice in

Land Use

Exploring new

Routes to Market

Stories of hope and action

Across Scotland, citizens are taking action. Read their stories to find out how they are making change, and what government and business can do to support them.

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Find out more about agroecology: visit our briefing hub

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More about FFCC Scotland

FFCC Scotland works to convene collective leadership around important issues in Scotland, resourcing communities to take radical and practical action, and convening leadership across all parts of the system, from farmers to activists, businesses to government, academics to practitioners, to catalyse change.

FFCC Scotland's work programme is shaped by listening to a cross-sectoral voluntary leadership group, convened to ensure our work is relevant and responsive, including Public Health Scotland, Nourish Scotland, Opportunity North East, Scotch Whisky Association, Soil Association Scotland, Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society, Quality Meat Scotland, Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation, Indigo Words/South of Scotland Enterprise
Partnership and the John Muir Trust.

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