New poll unearths food crisis in Britain

Food is not working for everyday people

26th March 2024

New polling with More in Common reveals the stark reality of Britain’s food crisis: healthy food is now seen as out of reach for the majority. Four in five (80%) believe healthy food is something everyone should be able to have, yet only 8% think it is affordable to most people. Almost half (49%) stated that financial pressures have made them cut back on the quality of food they eat. A significant majority of citizens support a wide-ranging set of government actions to remedy Britain’s food crisis and drive root and branch change, including:

  • For farmers: 62% want greater intervention to ensure farmers are treated fairly.
  • For children’s health: 60% want greater intervention to protect children from unhealthy and ultra processed foods.

When asked about basic rights that are essential for a fair society, 80% of the public ranked access to ‘healthy food’ as vital – second only to access to healthcare – and well above ‘home ownership’ (52%), an issue traditionally prioritised by the Government.

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