MLUF: Case Study Collection

A practitioner case study collection from our action research on Multifunctional Land Use Frameworks.

6th March 2024

This practitioner case study collection is collated from FFCC’s action research into the Multifunctional Land Use Framework (MLUF) during our pilot testing process in Devon and the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority.

These case studies show everyday examples of existing activities that demonstrate components of a Multifunctional Land Use Framework (MLUF) already in action. Multiple approaches, following the MLUF Principles and Ways of Working, are already in place to support the achievement of national and local targets and ensure better land use decisions for all and these could be the foundation of a strong MLUF.

The case studies provide insights for future policymakers implementing the MLUF. Each case study is referenced by key themes for ease of access:

  • Scale & Understanding – Relationship Between Engagement & Scale: Heritage Ecosystem Impact Assessment
  • How Interoperability Can Make a Difference: Exmoor National Park
  • Appetite For a Joined-Up Approach: Clinton Devon Estates
  • The Value of a Shared Evidence Base: Connecting the Culm
  • Data Creation, Ground Truthing & Local Knowledge: Fenland Soil – Peat Mapping Project in Cambridgeshire

The case studies can be found in their original context in the three MLUF Learning Papers on Leadership aspects of the MLUF, on Scope & Scale, and on the Evidence & Data aspects.