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COP26: stories of climate action

An unstoppable movement for change is growing across UK nations: explore stories of climate action from our #LandUnlockedTour


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Explore stories of real climate action from people across UK nations.

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Land Unlocked Tour

Fix food, fix the planet

Across UK nations, citizens are taking action for a fair and sustainable future. Farmers are transforming the way they farm, communities are growing food to give wider access to affordable, healthy produce and businesses are developing short sustainable supply chains - and more. We're sharing their stories as we tour the country in the run-up to COP26.

This is just the beginning

There are hundreds of these stories happening across UK nations. They show that one of the simplest solutions to tackling multiple challenges - including the climate crisis - is right beneath our feet.

There is huge potential to use land better. It's possible to slash emissions, restore nature, and at the same time provide healthy, affordable food to everyone.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the climate crisis and the challenge it presents. But natural systems that lock up carbon are our biggest ally - and there are simple, no regrets actions that governments can take right now, to speed this unstoppable movement for change and fix food, to fix the planet.

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Contribute your climate action story

We’re looking for stories of citizens working for a fair and sustainable future and we'd love to hear from you.