Finding the finance for growth

A working paper from our Farming Leadership Group Symposium #1

14th March 2023

Back in January, we held the first of a series of symposium events designed to convene leaders and experts from across the farming and finance sectors to examine key areas for the transition in food, farming and land. The event focussed on how to help money flow to where the work is needed for a transition to agroecology, building on the discussions chaired by FFCC at the Oxford Real Farming Conference, with representatives from Triodos Bank, the Green Finance Institute and the NFU.

This is the first of series of working papers coming out of the symposia, capturing areas where there was a high level of consensus on what is needed to help direct finance required for the farming transition. There are several key takeaways, including:

  • The importance of providing clear frameworks for the collection of data, for both public and private sectors
  • That investment is needed to shift practices and develop knowledge over the next 5-10 years
  • Certainty on future farm policy is imperative for decision-making in the farming industry
  • The support for critical business changes needs to reflect the tenant farmer model, which is responsible for a lot of the UK's on-the-ground delivery
  • At present, the risks and profits are not distributed equitably across supply chains

Over the next three years, our symposium events will examine the key areas for the transition in food, farming and land. During that time, these working papers will provide an accurate and up-to-date account of the transition landscape that farm businesses are attempting to navigate, the novel ways many are rising to the challenges, and the lock-ins that need to be addressed to help accelerate the farming transition.