Agroecology in UK Food and Farming

A stocktake of the UK farming sector's alignment with agroecology, including hurdles and opportunities.

4th April 2024

UK food and farming is at a critical juncture as it grapples with the urgency of reforming agriculture policy post-Brexit and enabling resilience in the face of climate change, geopolitical insecurity, and energy price volatility.

The sector faces opportunities to transition towards more sustainable and just practices, yet substantial systemic barriers persist. The risks farmers perceive in adopting new practices point to deeper economic and political challenges that shape decisions, access, and transition support.

This stocktake reveals that although new policy mechanisms are beginning to drive progress towards agroecological farming practices and some sustainable supply chain commitments in the UK, significant challenges remain in supporting farmer livelihoods and facilitating a just transition. A fundamental shift is needed, recognising that equitable transformation of UK food and farming requires a joined-up approach to policy that can help drive systemic change, not just the incentivisation of changes to farm-level practice.

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