Agroecology as a Nature-based Solution

By Kenny McCarthy

20th May 2021

Agroecology as a Nature-based Solution sets out the evidence to support the adoption of agroecology as a Nature-based Solution (NbS), noting strong alignment between the principles and practices of agroecology and the global standard for NbS set out by IUCN.

The UK has committed to taking action and adopting national and international legislation to meet ambitious and necessary climate, biodiversity, and sustainable development targets by 2030. This mandate for action, as well as the growing scientific evidence base, supports the imperative for system-wide approaches that address the interdependent challenges for nature, climate, health, and the economy.

FFCC welcomes the focus on NbS to deliver multiple outcomes to these connected challenges. FFCC argues that the growing evidence base supporting agroecology strengthens the case for accelerating the transition to agroecology as a practical and affordable solution available right now.

Agroecology is a nature-based solution for UK land use and agriculture and should be prioritised in UK government policy and legislation to support its adoption by 2030.

Download the full briefing paper above.