A toolkit for Cumbrian upland farms

A briefing from FFCC Cumbria

28th March 2022

The Upland Farmer Toolkit is now live, find it here.

FFCC Cumbria is developing a toolkit and resources to support upland livestock farm businesses to adapt as direct payments are phased out and in the face of multiple challenges.

The purpose of the project is to support and upskill farmers and their advisors in farm business finance and environmental management, with the aim to integrate food production with enhancing public goods and improving financial resilience.

It is a collaborative effort, with the lead consultants bringing a wealth of experience from their own farming backgrounds. The project also draws on a steering group set up to advise on design and content, and work to pilot the toolkit with farmers and those in farming advisory and support capacities, from accountants, land agents and vets to NGOs, and farming support organisations.

Financial planning support for farm businesses will sit alongside a hub of information covering topics including agri-environment schemes, carbon and biodiversity, mental health and wellbeing support, diversification, succession planning, animal health and welfare, and regenerative agriculture practices. By collating and curating the information already available and filling gaps, the online hub will act as a one-stop shop, with easy-to-digest information and signposting to existing services and resources.

The expected timeline is:

  • March 2022: Feedback on the toolkit proposal and establishment of a steering group
  • March/April 2022: Design Project. Development of a prototype website and graphics with feedback, funded by the Lake District National Park Farming in Protected Landscapes Programme.
  • April-June 2022: Development of toolkit content.
  • July-September 2022: Promotion and distribution to farmers and farming advisory/support individuals and organisations.
  • October 2022-January 2023: Project evaluation and feedback. Continue roll out of the toolkit and develop funding applications as needed.

If you would like to find out more, please contact: hannah.field@ffcc.co.uk

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