Agroecology and the Future of Feed

FFCC responds to the latest WWF report developing the evidence for agroecology in the UK.

6th July 2022

WWF's report Future of Feed is an important addition to the growing body of work lining up the case for a transition to agroecology across UK nations. Along with other reports like Feeding Britain from the Sustainable Food Trust, it develops, strengthens and contextualises FFCC's Farming for Change evidence.

Together, these reports highlight the importance of treating agroecology as a science, a set of principles and practices that encompass the whole food system, from field to fork.

FFCC's Farming Transition Co-Lead Dr Jim Scown says, "Scrutinising sources of animal feed is critical: WWF’s Future of Feed builds on the messages in Farming for Change and shows that agroecology is a route to using more land to grow food for people, not livestock, AND stopping the off-shore production of animal feeds and its associated environmental impact."