Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

What we do

We work with partners and networks across the UK to catalyse change and have positive impact on our climate, nature, health and economy.

Our work

We’re shifting gear. In our first phase of work we generated ideas and recommendations which we published in Our Future in the Land. Now, we’re focussing our attention to implementation – turning our ideas and recommendations into practical actions and real change.

With our partners in governments, businesses and communities, we're helping to convene collective leadership on the difficult questions and resource communities to become more resilient and adaptable for the changes ahead.

Our inquiries

We work across the UK through a network of inquiries at a national and local scale.

Questions of land use, agriculture, environment and public health are devolved matters, so we have three national inquiries in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to explore these further. We also have inquiries in three areas in England – Cumbria, Devon and the East of England, chosen broadly for their different agricultural landscapes of uplands, mixed farming and larger scale arable farming.

Each inquiry has the autonomy and authority to structure their work in a different way and to deal with different themes within the broad remit of food, farming and countryside.

Northern Ireland