Food and health

Our food and health programme analyses the barriers to a healthier and more just food system.

Healthy food is everyone's business

“We know the food system – in this country and across the world – is fundamentally broken. But if we’re going to change things, it needs to be a collaboration between many different actors. FFCC’s evidence and research is a vital piece of this puzzle.”

Denise Bentley, First Love Foundation and FFCC Commissioner

Over the last few years, the work of the food and health programme has been shaped by the recommendations in Our Future in the Land. There has been a focus on affordability of food, emergency food aid and local food system diversification with key themes (including growing the supply of UK fruit and vegetables, public procurement and community food plans/national food strategies) woven throughout the programme.

Now we are turning our attention to a significant new project in which we ask citizens what they really think about food.

The Food Conversation

We all need food, and yet the way we now produce, sell and consume food is one of the biggest contributors to the nature, climate and health crises facing us today. What we eat and how we eat it is just the beginning of a much bigger conversation.

Throughout the course of the project, which began in summer 2023, we’ll ask citizens across the UK : who is really in charge of decisions about food? How fair is the current system? Is it giving us all what we need?

We’ll share what citizens really think with policymakers and businesses, who are shaping their policies and commitments for the next decade.