Supporting farming transition in 2022

As Oxford conferences come to a close, FFCC looks forward to supporting more accessible and desirable pathways for all farmers and growers

By Jane Campbell

7th January 2022

Delegates at both Oxford conferences have been advancing the arguments for a transition to agroecology and regenerative farming. We want to know how to make this pathway accessible, and desirable, to all farmers in the UK.

In 2022, FFCC will be identifying the actions that different types of farm businesses in different areas of the UK are taking to make the transition to fair and sustainable farming. Farming is a diverse sector; in the move to more regenerative, resilient farming, what a large arable enterprise in Cambridgeshire might need to do differs from a tenanted Cumbrian hill farm.

We will be sharing stories, tips and resources from farmers and growers across the country as they develop new, modern, diversified or mixed farming businesses - and in so doing build the case for the tools and resources needed for a fairer, more sustainable, food and farming system. Hearing from people already well on the journey, as well as those just getting started, we'll be sharing their experiences and learning.

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