Seeking a dose of hope in COP27 week?

"We're right here": the communities already taking action for change

7th November 2022

At last week's Anthropy summit in Cornwall, there was a great deal of conversation about change - both change that needs to happen and change that is underway.

The lively session put together by FFCC was full of people involved in the food and farming system, like Charlotte Hollins, farmer and ambassador for We're Right Here, the campaign for community power. They shared ideas and encouragement and sought to understand what needs to happen next.

In this, and other sessions, there was a consistent message that, while governments play a critical role is setting the framework for change, it is when changes are driven by grass root movements and by local communities that they really take hold.

As we turn attention to COP27 this week, there is a chance to shine a spotlight on this work. And, while questions remain about where the leadership on climate change will come from, the movement for locally-led action is gaining momentum.

Watch FFCC's Field Guide for the Future film, and explore the stories of many of the citizens and communities across UK nations who are part of this growing movement.