Help shape future farming in Scotland

By Lucianne Wardle

23rd June 2021

In April, FFCC hosted a workshop which explored the future of agroecology in Scotland, part of our Routes to Action series read more. Now, together with partners, FFCC is asking farmers and crofters to help shape the evidence for fair and sustainable farming practices in Scotland.

SEFARI Gateway and the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission are funding a collaborative project between the James Hutton Institute, Soil Association Scotland, and Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society to develop the evidence behind the sustainability and productivity of farming practices in Scotland.

The Scottish Farming Practices Survey 2021 aims to understand whether, and how, certain farming practices that aim to improve sustainability also provide long-term benefits for land productivity.

Dr Lozada-Ellison, a social scientist at the James Hutton Institute, explains: "There is increasing interest about how agroecological practices can improve the sustainability and resilience of farm businesses in Scotland, and how a transition to agroecology can provide a solution to wider, critical challenges, like the COVID-19 crisis, biodiversity loss or climate change."

The results of the survey will be made publicly available later this year - and will help develop meaningful recommendations to policy, rooted in practice, to shape the future of farming in Scotland.

Airson pàirt a ghabhail san t-suirbhidh air loidhne seo a dh’fheumas eadar 10 mionaidean is cairteal na h-uarach, briogaibh air a’ cheangal gu h-ìosal: Scottish Farming Practices Survey 2021

To take part in this 10-15 minute online survey please click on the link below: Scottish Farming Practices Survey 2021