Radical and practical

We report on our progress in 2021-22

6th December 2022

The report covers the year ending in March 2022. During this period, the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine was becoming clear. The world was in its third year of coping with Covid. Our domestic politics, post-Brexit, was unsettled and fractious. Meanwhile, the effects of a changing climate were being felt in unprecedented ways – floods, droughts and fires – causing further pressures on biodiversity and the natural world. These accumulating and interconnected crises were flowing through to challenging economic conditions, and rapidly rising prices in food and energy, affecting the poorest the most.

Yet in spite of these serious conditions, we find beacons of hope and creativity. All around the UK, people are working together to act on these crises, on farms, in communities, in businesses. They are adapting their enterprises, finding innovative ways to tackle problems, collaborating and learning, sharing knowledge and insight, investing in new ways of working, and supporting each other.

In this report, we have concentrated on some of our most impactful reports and practical projects, and how they’ve helped people make progress together. We’re grateful for the continued support of Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and other funders, as we work together to find radical and practical solutions to the urgent problems in front of us.

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