Help amplify lesser heard voices

8th March 2023

"In diversity there is beauty, and there is strength." - Maya Angelou

The practical and radical pathways to a fair and sustainable food system are built on a series of key principles - one of the most important of which is diversity.

Just as we need diversity in the farmed landscape, with more farms rich in nature, producing a wide range of crops supporting environmental and human health, so we also need a diversity of people, voices and opinions. In a sector that has been traditionally dominated by a limited and privileged few, it is crucial we amplify lesser heard voices that are more representative of our society as a whole, including more women, people of colour and people with disabilities.

The good news is that these challenges are now recognised and being acted on. Earlier this year, a new report from the Jumping Fences project highlighted the significant barriers and challenges people face in British farming and land-based sectors.

To support this and many other organisations tackling these challenges, we curate a list of diverse voices in food and farming – and we invite those organising events, convening conversations and gathering thought leaders to draw from it.

Please be aware that this is an open-source list. We ask that you take responsibility for ensuring that the information you add is in the public domain. If you are adding details of other professionals, make sure they have given you their permission to be included. Please do not provide any information other than the one prompted by the fields in this list.

If you think we should edit or erase some information included in this list, please notify our Data Protection Manager at as soon as possible.