Response to SFT's Feeding Britain report

"More evidence that stacks up in favour of a wholesale transition to agroecology"

15th June 2022

FFCC Chief Executive Sue Pritchard has welcomed the Sustainable Food Trust's report Feeding Britain.

Sue said, “This new report from Sustainable Food Trust is a systemic look at UK food and farming and the transformation required for a sustainable food system. The report calls for fruit and vegetable production to double, major reductions in intensively farmed pig and poultry, and the elimination of imported protein feed are supported by the findings in FFCC’s Farming for Change research. We agree that roughly the same amount of beef and sheep will be produced in this agroecological future, where ruminant livestock in mixed farming systems will be essential to managing nutrients without synthetic fertilisers.

“As Feeding Britain and Farming for Change make very clear, these changes require significant diet change. Addressing consumption at one end of the food system can ease the pressures on land at the other, paving the way for an agroecological transition. This means joined-up policies that incentivise the production of sustainable, affordable and healthy food; investment in the infrastructure and training needed for community-based food processing and distribution; and markets designed to deliver demand for food that fosters – rather than compromises – environmental and public health.

“Overall, this is a clear-eyed assessment of the scale of transformation required, more evidence that stacks up in favour of a wholesale transition to agroecology.”