Ambitious plan for Wales recovery

By Jane Campbell

4th December 2020

The Wales Green Recovery Task and Finish Group has published its action plan for a ‘green and just recovery’, an ambitious programme which prioritises enabling action on the circular economy and the climate and nature emergencies.

FFCC Chief Executive Sue Pritchard is a member of the Group, which now becomes the Green Recovery Delivery Partnership, supporting ‘practical and prioritised actions that will inform Wales’ sustainable pathway out of the coronavirus pandemic’.

We are particularly pleased to be contributing to two key areas of the Partnership’s future work:

  • FFCC will co-host the partnership’s programme office along with Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, the National Trust, Business in the Community and The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales
  • Together with WCVA, FFCC will lead on one of the Partnership’s priority enabling actions, the development of a National Nature Service for Wales.

Sue Pritchard has warmly welcomed the report:

“I'm delighted to be contributing to these practical actions for a green recovery. I’m especially excited to be working with partners, to develop a Welsh 'national nature service' - getting people to work, to tackle the nature emergency together.”

In February 2021, the Group will lead another call for proposals, enabling others to contribute and will continue to encourage others to engage in the on-going dialogue.

In 2019, FFCC’s UK-wide report Our Future in the Land recommended a National Nature Service as a way to harness the growing momentum for change, by providing meaningful work to restore nature.

In July 2020, we set out an ambitious three-year work programme for our Wales inquiry, in the Wales Field Guide for Future Generations, to help the country to resource and implement its forward-looking policy agenda.

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