A "Paris moment" for food and nature?

COP15 is a global moment for nature: so why should decision-makers being thinking about food?

7th December 2022

After two years of delays, COP15, the UN’s fifteenth conference on biodiversity, starts today.

It's also two years since the UK government committed to its flagship 30 by 30 pledge for nature. Since then, the world has weathered the global pandemic, experienced a food security crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine and witnessed the loss of nature and wildlife as the biodiversity crisis escalates.

Thankfully, there's also a growing recognition amongst communities, businesses and government that these crises need to be tackled together. People increasingly understand how dependent our food security is on a thriving ecosystem, and how important it is that those who produce food also manage the land with nature in mind.

It's why we're supporting the Food and Land Use Coalition's call for #ActionOnFood at COP15.

Our Food and Health Programme Lead Dr Courtney Scott explains.

"Globally, the future of our food system is completely dependent on a transition to agroecology - a food system that would allow farmers to produce plentiful, healthy food in climate and nature-positive ways, and enhance food security for households and nations while supporting landscapes and communities adapt to climate change.

"Here in the UK, more and more farmers are discovering they can grow food like this - and they're finding that they produce plentiful, healthy food in climate and nature-positive ways, that is more available to people in the communities they serve. And we've heard from citizens that this is the type of food they want.

"Government has committed to protecting 30% of land for nature by 2030. Yet more than 70% of the UK is farmland, and more space is needed for growing food, new homes, clean energy, sustainable transport and more.

“It’s clear that the climate, nature and food crises need to be addressed together, and that government needs broad, and comprehensive tools to deliver its ambitions. COP15 is a moment for government to signal its support for pathways, like agroecology, that can make the most of the UK's finite land, and give clear direction to landowners, food industry, financial markets and farm businesses that they back this force for change."

Find out more about agroecology and share the evidence below.

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