Climate, Covid, Conflict Community

Panel session at Anthropy examining the future of food and farming

The Eden Project, Cornwall

1:30pm 3rd November 2022


FFCC is hosting a panel session at Anthropy, the largest gathering of cross-sector leaders in the UK for over two years.

Climate, Covid, Conflict, Community: shaping the future of food and farming will be an hour-long panel discussion exploring food systems through a critical systems lens, and identifying possibilities for transformative actions.

The panel will include Harriet Bell, Regenerative Farming Lead of Riverford; Sue Pritchard, Chief Executive of FFCC; Sarah Langford, author; and Helen Browning, Chief Executive of the Soil Association.

Anthropy is a gathering of leaders from all sectors, convened to consider how UK nations can move forward, to think differently about a collective future and to find new ways to inspire change.