Land Unlocked: From Greed to Green

By Jane Campbell

19th July 2021

Do businesses have the stomach for real change?

ffinlo Costain speaks to Benet Northcote & Ed Gillespie about the role corporates can play in tackling the climate, nature and health crises, and whether greenwashing is a step on the road to transformation.

Read on for extracts from the podcast - or listen now.

What they said

“We can’t just pretend we can buy our way out of climate change with a bunch of carbon credits for Christmas trees … it’s naive to think it will be a simple ‘back to the land’ approach, because it’s got to work for the many different people, for the most vulnerable rural community and for the person on minimum wage with two jobs in Peckham.” - Benet Northcote

"We have got to bring people back into the intimate harmonious stewardship of the land. Big, slightly faceless corporations have no relation with the land they look after. It’s unfortunately being seen through a profit-led lens. You want someone who gives a monkey what’s in their hedgerows. What does it mean to be a genuine ecological steward?” - Ed Gillespie

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