Farmers Weekly Question Time

FFCC advisor Tom MacMillan debates key food and farming questions, including the issues around cheap food.

18th May 2023

In the final Farmers Weekly Question Time of the series, FFCC advisor Tom MacMillan joins other experts, industry leaders and politicians to debate some of the key questions in food and farming.

One of the many fascinating dicussions focused on the tension between the evident need to pay farmers more for their important work, and a spiralling cost of living crisis – with many already unable to afford basic goods.

Drawing on FFCC's work, Tom points to the devastating fact that many farmers up and down the country are producing food they can't afford to eat, instead turning to food banks.

But do citizens really want a “cheap” food system? Or do people want government and businesses to prioritise citizens’ health and the environment above the interests of business and trade?

This summer, we plan to have a national conversation on food, asking citizens directly: what do we really want from food?

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