We respond to the People’s Plan

The People’s Plan for Nature leads the way for a national conversation on food

3rd May 2023

Last month, citizens involved in the UK’s biggest ever conversation on the future of nature published their recommendations in the People’s Plan for Nature. The organisations behind the citizen assemblies – RSPB, WWF and National Trust – are expected to respond soon, paving the way for urgent and immediate action to protect nature.

Among many far-reaching recommendations, there were a number related to food and farming, including a call for a ‘national conversation’ on food.

Building on the brilliant work already done by the People’s Plan for Nature, FFCC are taking up this call for a more citizen-led approach to food systems change. Over the summer and through the autumn we will ask citizens directly: what do we really want from food?

The series of discussions will also explore what people want and expect from government and policymakers when it comes to food – and which solutions are at their disposal to build a fairer, more sustainable food system.

Amid ongoing public concern over rising food prices, supply chain disruptions and the health impacts of ultra-processed food, and with an election looming, the conversation will come at a critical moment for politicians and businesses.

Our Head of Policy and Research Dr Courtney Scott said, “In our work over the last few years, we consistently hear from citizens that they are interested in the future of food, and worried by the lack of access to healthy food for themselves and their families. Yet again and again, we hear politicians and the media repeating a mantra that ‘people don’t want a nanny state’ and don’t want to be told what to eat.

We plan to explore this question further, bringing citizens into a major new national conversation about food and the food system.”

Our Chief Executive Sue Pritchard explores citizens' calls for a fairer, more sustainable society and what this might mean for a social movement for food.