Polling for a National Conversation

Explore the national polling results for a National Conversation About Food.

25th September 2023

This data shows national polling results from More in Common, from the first chapter of a National Conversation About Food.

The polling data shows that most citizens want the government to take more action on food to protect health, children and the environment. 75% of the public think that the government is not doing enough to “ensure that everyone can afford healthy food”, compared to only 3% who say that they are doing too much. Similar percentages applied across every government intervention we asked about: “protecting children from unhealthy food and drinks”(67%/5%), “stopping farms from releasing animal manure and harmful chemicals into rivers and the sea” (62%/6%), “minimising the environmental impact of the food we eat” (60%/7%), and “ensuring that shops and public places (like hospitals) have healthy food options” (59%/5%).

In significant majorities, people also back: fines on food producers that pollute the environment (79%); a target for reducing ultra-processed foods in shops and on the high street (74%); support for farmers to help them transition to more sustainable farming practices (68%); and support for people on low incomes to afford healthy food (79%).

Explore the data below.