What do people really think about food?

Ask people about food – and you learn what kind of society they want to live in.

12th September 2023

Today we release a new film which brings to the fore the voices of citizens from the National Conversation About Food, ahead of the full findings from the process, out later this month.

Citizens share what food means to them – how it shows up in their lives and the challenges they face. It is a snapshot of what we heard throughout the conversations

The National Conversation About Food kicked off in summer 2023 with a question: what do we really want from food? During a series of public dialogues, citizens from Birmingham and Cambridgeshire looked at the science behind what we eat and how we eat, the way our food is produced and marketed, its impact on climate and nature, the availability of healthy food, and the potential to change things for better.

The findings from the National Conversation About Food will be published later this month, with plans to continue the conversation across all four UK nations.

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