A Consensus on Food, Farming and Nature

FFCC signs a declaration, along with farmers and environmental organisations

19th January 2023

FFCC has signed a declaration, along with farmers and environmental organisations, which signals a strong consensus that a healthy natural environment underpins food security; farming is central to efforts to tackle nature, climate and public health crises; and diversity (in nature, farming systems and among those involved in farming) enables resilience.

This declaration is a clear indication of the solidarity and shared purpose across farming, food and environmental interests. It invites decision-makers to take the conversation forward and have confidence in taking actions that will support a vibrant future for food, farming and nature.

FFCC’s Chief Executive, Sue Pritchard, commented on the declaration:

“Food security and economic prosperity is dependent on a transition to a food and farming system that restores nature, reduces reliance on fossil fuels without offshoring our impacts, and ensures that fresh, healthy, affordable food is easily available to everyone. Farmers and green groups agree on these important issues, and, together, call for clear and joined-up policy signals, across environment, farming, food, health and trade policies, aligned with the right investment and a level playing field, to lead the change we need.”