A budget for nature

How this week's budget could respond to calls from Wild Isles and the People's Plan for Nature

13th March 2023

"We need widespread systemic change AND we can all do our bit."

The BBC's new nature documentary Wild Isles is inspiration for leaders across UK nations to pay attention to the outcomes of the People's Plan for Nature - due to report soon. Supported by the WWF, the National Trust and the RSPB, it is the country’s biggest conversation about nature to date.

The series is particularly timely, ahead of this week's budget, and points to the need for widespread systemic change to accelerate the restoration of nature across the UK's landscapes.

What changes are needed, and what should government focus on? Our Chief Executive Sue Pritchard sets out three key drivers of change.

"We need widespread systemic change AND we can all do our bit," says FFCC Chief Executive Sue Pritchard.

“Governments must accelerate big business reporting on their impacts on nature. Their ‘climate and nature impacts’ balance sheets must be as important - and as scrutinised by shareholders - as their financial balance sheets.

“Farmers manage over 70% of our beautiful landscape and must be paid fairly, via ELMS & private finance, for their work to recover nature, act on the climate crisis, restore soil & water health, plant trees, improve & connect habitats, reduce or eliminate synthetic chemicals.

“Governments can boost the economy, investing in good green jobs for nature with a National Nature Service, supporting volunteering opportunities and access to nature, as well as skills training and jobs in the future green economy we need.”

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