Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

OFC 2022: Can I have some more?

FFCC and guests look at what might be on the menu for food and farming in 2030 at the 2022 Oxford Farming Conference.

Oxford Farming Conference

3:00pm 5th January 2022

Can I have some more: what’s on the menu for 2030?

The last five years have seen lots of talk about transforming food and farming, but what does this mean practically for producers?

Chair: Sarah Mukherjee, IEMA and Co-Chair, OFC


Professor Tim Lang, City University of London

Sue Pritchard, Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

Professor Tim Benton, Chatham House

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Does more people to feed mean that there will be a greater demand for more food? Or that we need to intensify production to meet our needs?

And how can we ensure that farmers continue to benefit from a system that also delivers for UK nations in many ways, across nature, climate, health and the economy?

We unpick the issues involved and ask what this could mean for the diversity and viability of farm businesses and systems across the UK.

What could be the unintended consequences of certain decisions? What are the ‘no-regrets’ options governments can take, which also work for farmers and growers? And how can UK nations find a broad pathway to meeting future needs?

With Covid and the climate emergency challenging many of our most closely-held beliefs, this debate shines new light on some of the assumptions that underpin the future of farming and reviews possible routes to a truly resilient future.