NRFC: From Research to Action


7:30pm 29th September 2020


The FFCC is turning the recommendations from Our Future in the Land into practical actions with our partners in governments, businesses and communities and through 6 place-based inquiries, including Cumbria. Cumbria is our Northern England inquiry, focusing on upland contexts.

The recommendations aim to connect food, farming and the public’s health for a just transition to a greener, fairer economy in response to the economic, health, climate and nature crisis.

This session will be an opportunity to convene collective leadership and collaboration across sectors and stakeholders to support this 3-year implementation, action-focused phase.

There will be an overview of the inquiries nationally and then a focus on Cumbria to explore how we might implement some of the recommendations. The recommendations we might discuss could include (subject to change at this early stage of the inquiry):

• a National Nature Service to support young people from different backgrounds to experience meaningful land-based work to kickstart the regenerative economy
• a roadmap to support the transition into agroecological farming practice
• supporting equitable distribution of the health and wellbeing benefits of access to landscapes and nature connection.

Participants will receive a summary report of the session and next steps in the inquiry.

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