Land sparing versus land sharing - Wales


4:00pm 21st July 2020

Debates about how we use land too often pit different interests against each other and separate land uses, rather than focusing on the potential for land to deliver multiple benefits.

Our 2019 report, Our Future in the Land, advocated a land use framework that could mediate between different priorities and uses of the land, encouraging and incentivising multifunctionality for public value. Organic Farmers & Growers released a discussion paper in Jan 2020 calling for a ‘land sharing’ rather than ‘land sparing’ approach, to produce good quality food whilst protecting soils, wildlife and reducing carbon emissions.

Wales has arguably taken some of the most progressive steps in planning policy in the UK, including the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and One Planet Development, but there is still some way to go to realise the ambitions of such policies on the ground.

In this session, the panel will draw on their experiences to discuss some of the practicalities of land sharing and how this can be further supported.

Panellists include:

  • Jane Davidson, Chair (Food, Farming and Countryside Commission Wales Chair)
  • Chris Blake (Director, Green Valleys CIC)
  • Alicia Miller (Troed y Rhiw Organics)
  • Mark Lea (Green Acres Farm)
  • Erica Thompson (Chair, One Planet Council)
  • Sue Pritchard (Chief Executive, Food, Farming and Countryside Commission)

This panel discussion is part of the Green Recovery Wales 4-day event, a virtual festival of farming, food and nature. Read more and find out how to join the event here.