Farming for Change

Oxford Real Farming Conference - Global 2021

4:00pm 7th January 2021


FFCC is launching a new report looking at how future farming systems based on agroecological principles could be feasible for UK nations – removing the need for artificial inputs whilst producing healthy food to feed a growing population, contributing to net zero targets and making more space to restore nature. The panellists will explore some of the detail of the research and talk about the questions that it opens up for the future.

This research builds on work, carried out by IDDRI at a European level, that was introduced by FFCC and Soil Association at the last ORFC.

A ticket for this event can be used to access the whole ORFC Global 2021 seven-day programme.


Chair: Sue Pritchard, Chief Executive, Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

Sue is the Chief Executive of FFCC and is focused on leading the organisation in its mission to bring people together to find radical and practical ways to transform our food system and improve our climate, nature, health & economy. Sue brings extensive experience working with leaders in businesses, governments and enterprises, blending the academic and the practical for sustainable systems change. Sue lives with her family on an organic, permaculture, livestock farm in Wales, which accounts for pretty much all of her time outside of FFCC, and is a grounding reminder of the gritty realities of turning ideas into workable actions.

Chris Howe, Head of Food and Landscapes, WWF-UK

Chris has worked for The Wildlife Trusts in the UK, and WWF in the UK and New Zealand, in a variety of roles. He was Projects Director for IUCN in Asia between 2017 and 2019. His current role includes advocacy on UK policy and legislation, working on supply chain issues with corporate partners, and advocacy on the transforming global commodity supply chains.

Jo Lewis, Strategy and Policy Director, Soil Association

Jo directs the Soil Association’s Policy Unit. She is a Trustee and former Chair of the Food Ethics Council and a Trustee of Sustain: the alliance for food and farming. Jo led the development of the Soil Association’s Food for Life Served Here scheme, which certifies that over 2 million meals a day meet healthy and sustainable menu standards in public settings and visitor attractions. Before joining the Soil Association, Jo was Convenor of Defra’s Sustainable Consumption Roundtable and Head of Policy at think tank Green Alliance.

Xavier Poux, AScA and Associate Researcher, European Agriculture Initiative, IDDRI

Xavier is the co-author of the FFCC’s report Ten Years for Agroecology. He has an agronomic background and has a thesis in rural economics on the analysis of a regional agrarian system. His professional experience has led him to combine the analysis of agricultural systems - from an organizational, economic and environmental point of view - with the analysis of public decisions on agricultural development and environmental management. His career has also led him to articulate different levels of analysis and intervention, from the local level of the small territory to the organisation of agriculture at European level.

Ben Andrews, Agroecology ambassador working with the Soil Association

Ben is one of the Soil Association’s agroecological ambassadors and a mixed tenant farmer at Broadward Hall in Herefordshire, where he farms around 600 acres of organic land. Ben farms with his father, growing lettuce, kale and other veg for Abel & Cole as well as cereal crops such as organic porridge oats. Ben also farms beef cattle.

More about the Oxford Real Farming Conference

ORFC Global brings together voices from the agroecological or regenerative farming movement in a radical, inclusive and mobilising seven-day gathering. A ticket to Farming for Change will also give you access to the entire ORFC conference programme.