Changing Policy


12:00pm 24th March 2021


There is growing interest in agroecology and how we transition to a food and farming system which works in harmony with nature, adapts to climate changes, builds a thriving farming sector and sustainably provides citizens with healthy and nutritious food.

FFCC’s latest report Farming for Change introduces new research from IDDRI which includes comprehensive and systematic technical modelling for a transition to agroecology across UK nations. We are now exploring how to translate this detailed and rigorous piece of research into practical projects which support the transition to agroecology by 2030.

Routes to Action is a series of five workshops featuring a fascinating array of contributors (from farming, science, economics, ecology, food businesses and more) who will address the challenges and opportunities of transitioning towards an agroecological food system and share ideas on how to implement more agroecological farming practices - from farm to landscape to nation.

We hope that this work contributes to the groundswell of interest in agroecology and helps turn the findings of our report Farming for Change into real action. We will be including the outputs of these meetings in our final Farming for Change report, due to be published in Spring 2021.

The fifth in the series, Changing Policy, will explore the policy levers to deliver the transformation needed in the farming sector.

Chair: Professor Rt Hon Carwyn Jones (Former First Minister of Wales and Professor of Law, Aberystwyth University)

Panel: Professor Tim Benton (Chatham House), Indra Thillainathan (Climate Change Committee), David Edwards (WWF), Caroline Drummond (LEAF), Dr Julia Aglionby (Foundation for Common Land, Uplands Alliance, FFCC)