Welcome, Rishi Sunak. There's much to do

Sue Pritchard responds to the appointment of a new PM

24th October 2022

Welcome, Rishi Sunak, UK's new Prime Minister.

There is much to do, to focus on the big challenges ahead.

Thankfully, FFCC finds much agreement between people and organisations, to act on both short-term and long-term crises.

Food and health, farming and land use, the countryside and the rural economy are all core issues with the potential, given the right policy and market conditions, to act on the climate and nature crisis, improve public health & wellbeing, poverty and food security, for shared prosperity.

People tell us they want a proper plan that ensures everyone has enough healthy and sustainably produced food, grown close to home and in harmony with nature, that healthy choices are easy choices for all.

Farmers want to produce plentiful, healthy food in a climate and nature-positive way, that achieves Net Zero. Healthy sustainable food must be good business for everyone (and it must become harder to profit from business that damages people and planet).

Businesses, farmers, and the public - we all want governments to create the right conditions, through fair, balanced and evidence-led decisions and policies, levelling the playing field and setting the UK on a sustainable and prosperous path. Starting points for this:

  • Progress the National Food Strategy, with an urgent focus on tackling food poverty, and providing healthy school meals to all children who need them.
  • Pay farmers properly for providing public goods and the things that the public value, through ELMs. Engage all farmers in a transition to agroecology by 2030.
  • Protect nature, biodiversity and habitats, and stop bad businesses from pushing their real costs of business onto the taxpayer, through clear, enforced regulation. Produce a proper plan to deliver your Net Zero commitments.
  • Produce a land use framework that mediates complex land use requirements, and involves people in the decisions that affect them, aiming for more resilient and adaptable communities fit to face future scenarios.
  • Invest in good green jobs in nature, and a national nature service, so that everyone can play their part in tackling the climate and nature crisis.
  • And join up policies across departments - use your Public Value Framework to make the most of public investment in the right things.