Ultra-Processed Food: The Tipping Point

FFCC hosts a debate at The Conduit on the impact of ultra-processed food on health and sustainability.

31st January 2024

The science around ultra-processed food is moving fast, and it is becoming clearer how harmful many processed foods are to the health of people and planet. Yet debates about changing the way we eat and produce food are stuck. Government and businesses are just not acting fast enough. With evidence mounting, we’re at a fork in the road. Will we carry on as we are, knowingly harming people and planet? Or is it time for a different path towards a healthier, greener and fairer future?

In this lively panel discussion at The Conduit London, leaders in food and health explore whether ultra-processed food is a tipping point for food systems change. Chairted by Rachel Sylvester from The Times, speakers include Professor Tim Benton, Dr Chris van Tulleken, Rob Percival, Baroness Rosie Boycott and Eddie Abbew.

Watch the recording back below.