Sue in conversation at Groundswell

The Wildlife Trusts CEO Craig Bennett & FFCC Chief Exec Sue Pritchard discuss agroecology, a Land Use Framework and sustainable supply chains.

29th June 2023

At Groundswell 2023, our Chief Executive Sue Pritchard talks to Craig Bennett, Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trusts, about some of the issues FFCC are tackling in the food system – including the false dichotomy that's emerging between food security and nature-positive farming.

Sue explores some the market failures within the current system, enabling businesses to externalise the true costs of their business models – with devastating impacts on climate, nature and health. Instead, she argues, we need a transition to agroecology which incorporates considerations of equity, governance and culture alongside environmentally regenerative farming practices.

Sue and Craig also discuss the need for a Land Use Framework to bring together different interests in a transparent and participative way, and ultimately make better decisons about land.

Watch the full interview below