The future is bright - and diverse

By Jane Campbell

30th September 2020

It's #NationalInclusionWeek, so in response to the struggles of Farmers Weekly to find diverse voices for their panel on the future of farming, we decided to start a list - and we'd like you to help us build on it.

We put together a list of diverse voices already contributing to conversations around the future of food, farming and the countryside. It took not very long to get a list of over fifty names together, but we know we can do better.

Can you help us get to 100, or beyond?

This document is open access, in the hope that anyone organising events or conversations about these issues can use it, and add to it.

We started with women’s voices - but we would love to expand this to a more diverse list in every sense. If anyone would like to work with us and help us learn, please get in touch at