Food & fossil fuels on 8.9ha news

Our CEO Sue Pritchard discusses new analysis from the Global Alliance for the Future of Food.

10th November 2023

New analysis by the Global Alliance for the Future of Food finds that food systems account for at least 15% of fossil fuels used annually. The report is the first time that researchers have focussed on fossil fuels, rather than just emissions.

Our CEO Sue Pritchard joins report author Patty Fong, from the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, and Karl Williams, a director of food systems consultancy FAI Farms, on ffinlo Costain's 8.9ha news to discuss the report and some of the issues it raises.

In particular, Sue explores what is sufficient to meet global food needs in a fair and sustainable way and how Big Food – and the ultra-processed food industry – fits into the equation. Sue also highlights the potential of a Land Use Framework to enable land to deliver on climate goals, while also meeting other urgent needs such as food, energy, biodiversity and housing.

Watch the discussion in full below.