Can farming save the planet?

Our CEO Sue Pritchard speaks at the South of England Farming Conference 2023.

3rd November 2023

FFCC Chief Executive Sue Pritchard joins BBC Radio 4’s Charlotte Smith and Phil Jarvis, Chair of Albanwise Farming and Environment, to explore whether we can save the planet from a farming perspective.

In particular, Sue emphasises the benefits and opportunities of an agroecological approach to farming, highlighting the important way it shines a light on who holds power, and how profit is distributed, within the food and farming sector.

As opposed to regenerative agriculture, Sue maintains that agroecology is "carefully defined and talks about the whole system of food and farming. It talks not just about on-farm practices... like no till and minimal use of artificial chemicals... but it also talks about those things that we very rarely talk about, which is what's the the governance of food systems? What's the governance of farming? Who's helping us work out what is the fair balance of risk and reward across the whole sector?"

Watch the full event below.