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Ground-breaking new data on soil carbon

John and Simon Best are bringing unrivalled data to light on farm soil carbon through ArcZero

Poyntzpass, County Armagh, Northern Ireland

Cows and sheep are often the pariahs of climate action but groundbreaking new soil carbon data is soon to come to light to challenge this.

Meet John and Simon Best - two members of group of Northern Irish farmers who have came together to share a journey towards net zero - and to show how farming, a mainstay of the Northern Irish rural economy, can in fact be part of the solution.

The group are contributing to a rigorous study known as ArcZero - or Accelerating Ruminant Carbon to Net Zero - which is creating carbon balance sheets for farms in the region - and which will be releasing its initial findings at Northern Ireland's Climate Change Conference in late October, just in time for COP26.

Simon Best has now been named Farmers Weekly Arable Farmer of the Year.