Earthshot Prize: share your solutions

By Jane Campbell

14th December 2020

The Earthshot Prize: Share your solutions to the planet’s biggest environmental problems

The search for the first winners of The Earthshot Prize has begun and FFCC is proud to have been invited to be a Nominator for the Prize.

The Earthshot Prize is the most prestigious global environment prize in history, aiming to find new solutions to the world’s biggest environmental problems.

As an official Nominator, we are one of over 100 organisations from across the world, invited to submit nominations across all five Earthshot categories, selected for our ability to identify the most impactful solutions across all sectors, from grassroots to businesses.

We plan to focus on nominating for two of the Earthshot categories: Protect & restore nature and Fix our climate (more information can be found at We have some ideas already, but we are keen to open up the opportunity to be nominated as widely as possible and hear from you if you are running a project that you think has a chance of winning one of those categories. Please note that we are unable to nominate suggestions that are just at the ideas stage; the Earthshot organisers have been very clear that they are only going to shortlist ideas that already have a proof of concept – i.e. are live projects that are proven to be workable and that can be scaled up for impact. 

To propose a solution, please read these FAQs and complete the form below. The period to nominate ideas/ projects to us will run from 14 December 2020 – 11 January 2021, after that we unfortunately cannot accept further ideas. During that period we won’t be able to provide feedback, but if we think your project has potential for us to nominate we will be in touch after 11 January to discuss further. The nominations will not be made public after the Earthshot deadline of 31 January 2021, but you will know if your idea/project has been chosen to be nominated. Otherwise, we will not be able to make public who we have nominated.

If you are proposing the same solution to two Earthshots, you will need to complete the form twice.

We can’t wait to hear from you!