Producing less and better meat

Anna's farm produces meat in harmony with the natural processes that are key to real climate action

Bratton Clovelly, Devon, England

More and more food giants are developing ultra-processed responses to the upsurge in plant-based diets, but what does a real climate diet look like?

Meet Anna, who recently took on Eversfield Organic, on Ellacott Farm in Devon, producing meat in harmony with the natural processes that are the key to real climate action.

In this Eating Better film, Anna gives an insight into nature-friendly farming at its best, with an abundance of pollinators visible in the many trees and hedgerows. It's a vision of where all farming could be, with the right support from government and businesses to speed the transition to fair and sustainable farming.

Supporting a transition to agroecology and regenerative farming is one of 5 'no regrets' actions we are urging government to take to speed real climate action.