Picture Your Future

Participatory photography project for young people to document their concerns about climate change

Online event

Through an online event, young people from across Wales were asked to use photography to visualise the future they want and the future we’ll get if we don’t take climate action. Using their photos, we learnt more about their priorities for a National Nature Service in Wales.

A few themes emerged from the event including:

  • The importance of connecting with nature and the accessibility of green space
  • Plastic pollution and environmental damage
  • Connection between affordable housing and access to nature
  • Ensuring a National Nature Service in Wales is accessible for everyone

With less than a decade to 2030, we must recognise how different generations can work together to create a fair and sustainable future for all.

Resourcing resilient communities is one of 5 'no regrets' actions we are urging government to take to speed real climate action.